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The Q-Wealth Survive and Thrive Guide

Our friends at Q-Wealth have just published “The 2020 Survive & Thrive Guide”. Prepared by Daniel Lucas, the information provided holds several interesting topics and some real gems for those interested in jurisdictional diversification and wealth preservation strategies.

The report doesn’t linger on the tragedies and pitfalls of the world; instead, it looks at how to make the most of the situations we may find ourselves in. In that spirit, the report can be considered a to-the-point practical and comprehensive guide to the basics of how to secure your wealth, prosper and thrive in the coming years.

Topics covered:

  • Secure assets to park your wealth

  • Lists of reliable offshore banking options

  • A selection of attractive locations to set up residency

  • Second citizenship options

  • How to protect your digital identity​

The sun is always shining, at least somewhere…

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