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Y-Series: 10 Reasons Why Silver will Outshine Gold in 2019

  • Silver was thought of as a godlike metal in ancient times and was associated with magic. It was often used in ancient religious ceremonies.

  • Silver has a very robust profile of uses, including: electronics, automotive, medicinal, coins and medals, photography, and green tech.

  • Silver has a six-thousand-year history of use as money, longer than gold, from ancient Mesopotamia to the US Constitution.

  • Silver's production profile suggests that while it gets more and more valuable in society, the lack of primary mines, lower ore grades, and mill output portends a much higher rise in the price than gold.

Since the beginning of time, silver has fascinated people around the world. The metal has been the central to various religions, a tireless tool of trade, a shiny sign of wealth, and a unique metal whose very special properties have made it stand out from its peers.

In this elaborate article, Robert Kientz shares a lot of valuable ideas and insights on silver, and he provides 10 good reasons why silver's luster will be brighter than gold in 2019.

Definitely worth consideration!

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