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Why Safekeep My Gold in a Private Box in Switzerland?

In 2017, Global Gold introduced a new storage service called Key Box Storage. It allows you to transfer and safe-keep your precious metals, including numismatic and semi-numismatic coins, in a “key box”. You buy the box, place your metals in it and place it in a high-security vault in Zurich, sealed and locked to provide only you with exclusive access.


Back in 2007, a good friend educated me about the merits of unencumbered ownership and physically allocated gold storage. At the time, we had several clients interested in storing their gold in Switzerland. They had very specific demands: the gold had to be physically allocated, segregated, and stored in a high-security vault in Switzerland, and it had to be outside of the banking system.


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Key Box Storage

The Key Box Storage option grants high-security storage of your standard bullion metals or your numismatic collection in a container, or the so-called Key Box, which can be opened only by the client in person or his representative. The declared content of the Key Box is fully insured.

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