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BFI Bullion Inc.

Your Swiss, crisis-proof
precious metals solution -
100% physically allocated


BFI Bullion in brief: We offer a safe, convenient way of buying, selling, storing and delivering a broad variety of physically allocated gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars. All of this is organized from within the high-security confines of vaults in Switzerland and other select international jurisdictions.

Your holdings with us are 100% physically allocated, irrespective of the storage service you choose, and stored outside of the banking system. Your precious metals are at your full disposal, at all times. You can have us deliver them to you conveniently. Or, you can visit and pick them up personally.

10 Unique BFI Attributes

100% Physically allocated coins and bars
100% Promptly deliverable
100% Direct & unencumbered ownership
100% Insured & audited
100% Free of 'back-door' limitation clauses
100% High security storage
100% Non-banking
100% Offline operability
100% Personally accessible
100% Swiss legal framework

To learn more about what we do and to get to know our Managing Director, Scott Schamber, follow this link to gain access to our exclusive dataroom. 

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