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our clients & partners

Long-term relationships of trust and commitment

Our clients come from diverse backgrounds. All of them cherish the tranquility of working with a committed partner who understands the critical importance of protecting their wealth through physically allocated precious metals - especially during these times of unprecedented fiscal and monetary imbalances.



Trade I Store I Protect

You are an entrepreneur, a wealthy family, or an affluent investor, seeking to safely access and / or store physically allocatied precious metals, outside of the banking system. You want to preserve wealth by hedging yourself against the risks of a large-scale crisis. 


& Planners

Connect I Enhance I Deliver

You are a professional or a planner with the ambition of providing a globally enhanced offering. By partnering with BFI Bullion, you gain instant access to a unique array of international, high security trading and storage services. And you obtain a partner committed to continuously deliver as promised.



Holistic I Safe I Turn-Key

You are a private bank, investment manager, fund, or family office. Our institutional services allow you to benefit from integrated, turn-key and white label solutions, including fully segregated storage, solid checks and balances, multi-signatory procedures, and comprehensive reporting.

Wealth is more than the net-worth of your belongings. It is created with hard work, devotion and talent - often over generations. Some may not understand what it took to get here. We do. Therefore, it is our mission to protect and grow what is rightfully yours.

- Frank R. Suess, Chairman

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