Frequently Asked Questions

BFI Bullion in Brief

How do you find respondents?

We have our own database of 54 thousand respondents, collected over 10 years using various methods: street recruitment and in the shopping center, social. nets, snowball. The database is constantly updated with the above methods. We recruit on the base, with a snowball, as well as with the help of social media. networks and mobile applications.

How quickly can you match respondents?

In most cases, recruiting consumers of FMCG and services will be 1 working day in terms of time, while target audience is hard to reach (experts, high-income audience, etc.) - 2 working days for recruiting the first respondents.

What is the cost of recruiting?

The price includes: remuneration for respondents, recruiting service (if a recruit with additional criteria, then this complicates the search and, accordingly, the price will be higher, since our main goal is to complete the project efficiently), commission for payment of remuneration.

How do you check if the respondent meets the criteria?  Is there a screening questionnaire, how do you make up the questions?  Is there voice communication over the phone?  Do you ask for photos / documents confirming certain characteristics?

We screen respondents thoroughly, each respondent undergoes double screening, including telephone screening, which includes additional questions regarding the use of the product. We make audio recordings during the screening. Also, any confirmation of the use of the product (documents / photos / screenshots) is requested from the respondents, in order to exclude the possibility of downloading photos from the Internet or Photoshop, we ask you to perform certain actions, for example, take a screenshot on a computer with a certain open tab or send a photo of a medicine and put a piece of paper next to it with the text "for poll". The screening questionnaire is usually sent by the client, but if it is not there, then we draw up it ourselves based on the criteria and send it to the client for approval.

Are you recruiting respondents in the regions?

We mainly specialize in the recruiting of respondents in Moscow and the Moscow region, we partially carry out recruiting in St. Petersburg and the region. At the moment, we are independently actively developing the recruiting direction in the regions, without involving partners, as this carries additional risks in terms of quality. In the regions we recruit consumers of consumer goods, online surveys. One of the last completed projects in the regions were loan users for the last 6 months. (6 people) and those who listen to music on various resources (Yandex.Music, Spotify, VK music, Apple music, SberZvuk, (5 people).

How do you control the arrival of respondents?

We monitor respondents the day before the study in the evening and also 3 hours before the study. Under the control, we carry out re-screening of respondents and make an audio recording of the screening.

What happens if the respondent does not come to the survey or at the beginning of the interview it turns out that the respondent is not suitable?

In this case, we will replace the respondent free of charge at a date and time convenient for you. If possible, if the project is not complicated, we can carry out a replacement on the day of participation. We do not double the margin to optimize your budget. If reserve respondents were taken into account and appointed in advance, then we do not charge for the "canceled" respondent, but confirm the participation of the respondent from the reserve.

How do you organize remote participation of respondents, for example, in a remote interview on ZOOM?

The client creates a conference in advance and sends us links to each respondent, we, in turn, send these links to respondents. When recruiting respondents for remote research, we ask the respondents in advance whether they have a technical opportunity to participate (the necessary device for connection, camera, microphone, etc.), and also inform about the need for a stable Internet connection and a quiet place. Further, on the day of participation, 2 hours before the study, we independently contact the respondent in the same program in which the study will take place and check the Internet speed (using a special program), the operation of the camera, microphone, the ability to turn on the screen sharing, we screen the respondent .. During the connection check, we take a screenshot and make an audio recording of the screening. If you wish, we can record a video during the check of the respondent and ask the respondent to briefly tell about himself, his hobbies, and also ask to demonstrate the presence of the product necessary for the research for example, the respondent must use an antivirus, we will ask him to turn on screen sharing and demonstrate his antivirus. We will send such a video to you before the interview, so that you can familiarize yourself with the respondent in advance.

Do you take on the function of paying remuneration to respondents?

Yes, we will arrange payment of remuneration to respondents. Payments are made to the participants on the card on the day of participation in the evening or to the mobile phone number at the end of the study. All respondents are warned in advance about the timing and methods of payment, and also submit their details for payment in advance.

How do you test respondents for professionalism?

We maintain our own database of participants and a black list of respondents, check the respondents for the presence in the databases, and also specify during screening how many times and when the respondent took part before + what topic was the last survey on, In addition, we do not invite respondents who, with screening answers dryly or, on the contrary, are overly sociable.

Do you check respondents against the OIROM database?

Unfortunately, we do not have access to the OIROM marketing agency database, but if you provide access to this database or can check it yourself, then we recruit for such projects.

Do you recruit respondents based on your client base?

We do not recruit respondents according to the client base, since cold processing of the database, unfortunately, as practice shows, does not give a result or it is completely minimal, and the labor costs are high as a result, also such respondents are less responsible, they often refuse at the last moment, do not get in touch, etc. We have described in more detail in our article: We can recruit on the basis of the client, if it is possible in advance to send such respondents from the client's side of invitations to participate by email and send us the respondents who have already agreed, so they will be more loyal to participation. This is how we worked, for example, with Kaspersky Lab, and the result from such processing of the database is very good.

In what format and what information do you provide to the client about upcoming meetings?

We create a google sign (status) in which we enter screening questions and respondents' answers to them. You will see the recruiting process in real time: Example status: