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BFI Bullion

Your seamless trading and storage solution – made in Switzerland!

BFI Bullion AG offers a safe, convenient and cost-efficient way of buying, selling, storing and delivering a broad variety of physically allocated gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars. All of this is organized from within the high-security confines of vaults in Switzerland and other select international jurisdictions.



Apply  I  Login  I  Go

Apply and start working with BFI Bullion in three simple steps: (1) Register online in less than two minutes. (2) Log into your personal and protected online portal, validate your identity, and complete the on boarding. (3) Fund your bullion account and start trading. 



Buy  I  Sell  I  Deliver

Buy and sell a broad array of bullion gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products at professional rates. Place your trades personally, benefitting from our advice and guidance, or submit them via your private and protected online portal. Have your metals delivered, pick them up personally, or store them in one of our high-security vaults.



Store  I  Visit  Ship

The precious metals holdings you store in one of our vaults are fully insured and audited. Choose from a unique variety of high-security storage solutions. Since all storage is fully allocated, you can visit or have your holdings delivered at any time, without any fabrication costs or delays.


Fireside Conversation with the CEO of the World Gold Council: An in-depth discussion of the gold industry, it's strengths and problems, and the World Gold Council's innovative approach to improving the industry.

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